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Your Life can Change Like Mine Did...

My name's Alex and long story short, when I arrived at college I was not happy with my body. I was built like a K'nex toy set and wanted to change things, immediately.

The problem was that I was in school at Arkansas and did not want to give up drinking with my friends.

Because of this, I decided to dedicate my time and energy to figuring out how to get a great body without giving up what I loved... without giving up the pre-gaming football games, drinking, and the occasional late night Taco Bell run.

So I spent hours and hours and hours, reading, learning, and writing about the subject. It was a long journey with lots of setbacks, but I finally started seeing results. After what equated to months of work, I finally achieved the photos you see above.

There is no Photoshop at work in these photos. I achieved these results during college without sacrificing the things that matter to me most: creating memories with my best friends and living an adventurous/fun life.
















I know for a fact that you can get an awesome body, without giving up an incredible college experience. That is why Fitness in College exists.

Right after I graduated, I put together the “Guy's Guide to Getting Ripped” because of the success me and my clients had and how much it was needed. There is so little information out there for young people looking to get in shape but still enjoy themselves.

At Fitness in College we guarantee you'll get the body you want without sacrificing the things that matter to you most.

About Alex

Certified Personal Trainer (NESTA)
Certified Nutrition Specialist (ISSA)
All Results Acheived During College

Tom Kallal, University Of Arkansas
"If you want to enjoy your college years (even when you’re getting your drank on/raging) this is a great guy's guide to getting ripped. Alex breaks down everything you need to know from a great college diet to college workouts to supplements. He even explains how to make sure your drinking habits don’t ruin your physique. Read it.”

You Can't Lose - Your Purchase is Risk-Free

I have worked very hard on the Guy's Guide, Nutrition and Grocery books. I *rarely* get refund requests, which is why I can offer a 100% money back guarantee with confidence. If you're not seeing results, I will give you your money back.

If you're dissatisfied in any way with this book, you can request your money back within the first 60 days after purchase. I want you to be happy and experiance the kind of awesome ride I had in college. All I ask is that you give it one month to see results.

My goal is mutual happiness and for you to get exactly what you want.

Your Life can Change Like Tom's

Get the College Guy's Guide
to Getting Ripped

  • The best comprehensive diet and workout college program
  • The guide to the art of drinking alcohol and staying ripped
  • 10 fast food choices which that are actually good for you and cheap
  • Tips to boosting your testosterone levels, naturally
  • The only supplements that you need to take to get ripped and how to take them
  • Full of humor. This is not a textbook, you will not be bored
  • Tons More

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Ricky Jameson, Texas A&M University
“Simple, powerful and effective. The Guy's Guide to Getting Ripped is by far the most practical guide to losing the belly. I’ve seen improvements after just the first week of trying the book’s techniques. Now, I have abs for the first time in my life! If you want to get ripped and still enjoy your time in college, buy this book right now.”

Your Life can Change Like Ricky's

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Drinking and floating the river in Missouri, not sure where I found that hat... 

Here's the question...

Would you rather buy a case of beer, or get RIPPED ABS?

After checkout, the eBook will be emailed to you. You can read it on your computer, smartphone or tablet device.

Here's the question...

Would you rather buy a case of beer, or get RIPPED ABS?

After checkout, the eBook will be emailed to you. You can read it on your computer, smartphone or tablet device.